Interview with Lalit Kumar – Head Chef at the InterContinental London Park Lane

Head Chef at InterContinental London Park Lane

This weeks interview features Lalit Kumar who is currently Head Chef at the 5* Star Luxury Hotel InterContinental London Park Lane. Lalit is a true professional and a creative chef who strives to share and inspire others around him with his passion for food and cooking. During his interview, Lalit’s shares where he discovered his passion for food, what he has been doing during the isolation period and why he loves working in hospitality.

What is your background in hospitality?

I have completed a Master’s in Tourism & Hospitality Administration from Vatel International Business School, Nimes, France. Prior to this I have also completed a Bachelors in Hospitality & Hotel Management from the Institute of  Hotel Management, Shillong, India.  Working & learning with the InterContinental Hotel Group, (IHG) for more than a decade, I currently work as a Head Chef at InterContinental Hotel London Park Lane.

What inspired you to become a Chef?

I was born and brought up in New Delhi, India where an appreciation and inquisitiveness about culinary art was instilled in me at a very early age and also the desire to become a chef. So I can say that my family and my city inspired me a lot.

As a chef, where do you find creative inspiration to cook?

One of my favourite ways is to go to a local market and look for food that I am not familiar with. Then I do research on how to cook and eat it and create a balanced dish for friends and family to try.

What is the most memorable moment for you working within the hospitality industry so far?

Well to be honest I am fortunate to witness various memorable moments, however my favourite one is when I received 100% scholarship to do my Master’s in Tourism & Hospitality Administration from Vatel International Business School, Nimes, France and I called my mother instantly to share this news!!

Why do you believe that the hospitality industry is a great place to work?

There is such enormous scope within the hospitality industry. It opens a door to a world which offers diversity, opportunity and a great work atmosphere.

What have you been doing during this isolation period to keep busy?

My wife works with the NHS and is quite busy these days, so I look after our two young kids Avyaan (4 years) & Devyaan (2 years). Everyday we do yoga, painting, reading & cooking. We have created our cooking channel on YouTube.

Do you have a favourite hospitality outlet that you would recommend after the isolation period is over?

Weekend brunch at Theo Randall at the InterContinental London Park Lane.

What is your signature dish/or favourite meal to cook?

I enjoy cooking Beef Wellington.

If you were a food or drink what would you be?

Coconut – I am tough on the outside & soft on the inside.

Complete the sentence.  I am happiest when?

I am cooking and drinking wine!!

Click here to view one of Lalit’s delicious recipes:



3 thoughts on “Interview with Lalit Kumar – Head Chef at the InterContinental London Park Lane”

  1. Well done chef Lalit, it was an fantastic to work with u at the Willard intercontinental hotel in Washington.

  2. Feeling very happy for you keep doing good thing and cooking love from delhi india .. lv from solanki family.

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