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The Covid -19 Pandemic has impacted people’s lives in several different ways. Everyone has had their own journeys and difficulties during these times. Whatever your circumstances, here are a few suggestions for industry resources, that can help to support you and also encourage your learning and development. Below is a list of resources: including learning and development, training, career advice, health & well-being and financial advice.

1. Masterclass

Do you ever wish you could learn or improve a new skill by an industry expert? If so, then this website is for you! Whether you feel like learning a new skill or perfecting an old one, Masterclass can help you. It is a streaming platform that makes it possible for anyone to watch or listen to hundreds of video lessons taught by 80+ of the world’s best experts.  Providing a world class learning online experience, it covers a range of topics (including food and drink) and is designed for people with limited or advanced experience.  It’s the pricier of learning opportunities available at the moment and many people may not be able to afford the price. However, as you would be receiving lessons from industry experts, then some may argue it is a price worth paying.

2. Hospitality action

Hospitality action has continued to support those working in the hospitality industry during this pandemic. They can assist with a range of support services including health and wellbeing, money, debts, grants, and training. As always, a breath of fresh air to hospitality peers and worth viewing if you need any current assistance.


Seeking to help professionals and enthusiasts, the Wine, Spirit and Education Trust have online courses, to gain different levels of qualifications in Wine, Spirits and Sake. However if you do not want to do a course, but want to gain knowledge, they are hosting webinars which you can listen into for insights on a range of beverage topics.

4. Springboard

Springboard are a charity, who help people of all ages and backgrounds improve their career prospects in hospitality. If you would like to keep busy or just prepare for when the isolation period is over, then the Springboard charity is here to help.  The Springboard Charity have launched the Digital Hospitality Academy which is for anyone not currently working or are unable to work due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. They are offering support to help you find jobs now and in the future. Their services includes career advice and support, CV writing and interview tips and practice.

5. Rory Laffan – Bee Recruitment

Rory Laffan, Founder of Bee Recruitment Consultancy will be personally volunteering his time for the month of June only.  He will be offering free tips and advice for anyone within hospitality who has been made redundant.  If you feel you would like to talk and gain some advice from Rory, then you can contact him via his LinkedIn profile here.

6. Hospo Live

Hospo Live is a Facebook page set up during the Coronavirus isolation. It aims to connect, upskill & inspire hospitality workers. They feature a range of topics from broadcasting yoga, fitness, wellness and training sessions, to interviews with inspirational hospitality figures, and live cooking segments.

7. The Avenue Cookery School

This cookery school hosts live streams on their Instagram page and also online public and private cooking lessons. Their classes are diverse, therefore there’s a class to suit everyone’s interest. Ranging from Macaron Masterclasses, Sushi Workshops to Vegan Cooking Classes.

8. Cookery School

The Cookery school, one of London’s leading cooking schools are still offering a range of classes and courses. They also feature recommended recipes for those looking for new creative ideas to spice up their mealtimes.



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