Interview with Andrei Rusu – Eat’s Healthy

Did you know that the UK is one of the most popular countries worldwide for Veganism?

With the number of Vegans having quadrupled in the UK in the last 5 years and both the health and vegan markets booming, it is no wonder that more businesses are frequently emerging to support this field. With a society increasingly more aware and conscious of what they consume, businesses such as Eat’s Healthy have been created to fulfil a growing demand.

Eat’s Healthy is a business which promotes healthy alternatives to desserts and sweets. Having treated myself and tasting one of their cakes (the mango flavour), I can definitely confirm they are great if you are looking for a tasty dessert alternative, to enjoy without any of the guilt. In my interview with Andrei Rusu, the General Manager of Eat’s Healthy, he discusses how he created his business as a newcomer to the London market and his plans for future expansion.

What is your background? How long have you been working within the food/hospitality field?  

My background in the hospitality sector started when I was 14 years old as a waiter in clubs and discos. After this when I finished university, I started a business in the food industry.  I delivered healthy food, cooked meals, and provided fruits for my customers. This is how I started a business in the food industry. This was an interesting time because healthy food was something new.  The market up until then featured a lot of junk food such as Pizza and Kebabs. After 4 years, I sold the business back home in Romania and I moved to London to start a new project.  

What do you currently do within the food industry?

I am the General Manager of Eat’s Healthy. When I moved to London, I started this new project which involves selling healthy sweets and cakes.  We do not use any sugar and we only use fruits, nuts, and seeds. I have had to build the business from scratch as I did not know anyone in London when I first arrived.  I had to create the brand, logo, marketing and make connections from social media. 

The company has been opened for about 1 year and 2months.  We hope it will help a lot of people with sugar addiction to achieve a healthier lifestyle.  The vegan market is growing every year and we hope to scale fast and create a big brand in London and the UK.

What are the most challenging things about your role?

The most challenging part is to please the customers, because in the food industry everybody’s tastes are different. It is hard to create something that will please everyone. I have also had to teach clients about raw vegan cakes. A lot of people think that you must be vegan to eat vegan cakes and that raw vegan cakes do not have any taste.  Also, one of the most challenging parts of my job is to create a good working environment.

What are the most rewarding things about your role?

The reviews from the customers, especially when they have never tried raw vegan cakes and sweets before.  When you receive comments like, ‘I didn’t expect it to taste so good’ ‘it’s very fresh and we can really taste the fruits’.  This is the most brilliant part of my job.

Where do you find creative inspiration to produce the food for your business?

Listening to customer feedback you can pick up suggestions on how to improve and create a better product.  Also, from the internet, books, tv shows and Pinterest.

Where would you like to see your business in the next 5 years?

This is interesting because last week we just created an episode on our podcast, discussing where we would like to see the business in 5 years. It is a lot harder because of Covid -19, but this year we hope that we will open one location and in 2021 we want to franchise. I want to be able to bring our product closer to people, for them to be able to taste and see what we are about. This year we want to have 5 – 10 contracts with coffee shops, restaurants, and hotels. This is something we work extremely hard on with our brand ambassadors and we hope to achieve this target.

What have you been doing during this isolation period to keep busy?

I am managing the business which is a full-time job. I also read a lot and try to have a healthy habit of 20 pages a day for example. This keeps me very motivated, as I learn a lot of new things by reading psychology, marketing, and business topics.  I find new ideas and information to engage with, which helps me to grow and invest in myself.

If you were trapped on a dessert island, what 3 food or drink items would you want with you?

The first would be water as I have had previous issues.  In the past at work, there was a time when I was stressed and working many hours.  I needed a lot of energy and drunk a lot of coffee and energy drinks.  I then started to have problems with my stomach, which was when I realised how essential water is.  I now drink a lot of water and do not drink energy drinks. 

As for food, I would choose Almonds and Cashew nuts.  Cashew nuts are a little sweet and almonds have a different taste and are crunchy. Both also contain good fats.  I would also have to have a traditional dish from Romania.

Complete the sentence. I am happiest when?

When I help people to get healthier. I used to work as a personal trainer for more than 6 years. It is amazing the feeling you have, when you see that you have helped people to lose weight. They become healthier and happier and can move around a lot more. They can run and play with their kids. It’s fulfilling and a great sensation when you can share your knowledge to help people.

To find out more about Eat’s Healthy please visit their website here



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