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Eat, Drink, Cook or Donate for a good cause

There is not one person who has not been affected by the Covid – 19 Pandemic. However, as life slowly begins to return back to normal, there are some who still continue to suffer in silence. For the most vulnerable that need help the most, there are several different charities and causes that continue to support them. Below are a list of 5 ways you can eat, drink, cook or donate to support and help a good cause.

1 . Donate for Fridge & Food Bank

This initiative is being supported by the food events company Bubble Food, who are currently working with Southwark Council.  Bubble food have teamed up with Fridge and Food bank at St George the Martyr Church, and have volunteered their kitchen premises, chefs and food packaging in order to support them. They are aiming to make approximately 100 fresh nourishing meals a day for the vulnerable in London.

Bubble Food have set up a donation page and appreciate any donations made large or small. Since the start of the Covid – 19 Pandemic, vulnerable people within the London community have suffered in bigger numbers, which has posed a huge challenge on food banks. Reductions in donations have also occurred since the start of the Covid – 19 Pandemic.  Therefore, any donations you can make are greatly appreciated and you can donate here.

2. Have a drink with Smeaton’s Gin

Smeaton’s Gin have teamed up with the hospitality charity Hospitality action, to create and launch a new cocktail called ‘The Hospitality’.  Smeaton’s Gin will donate some of the money made from the cocktail sales to Hospitality Action, and will liase with bars and restaurants across the country to promote this new cocktail.  For those of you who love a Negroni, then you are in for a treat, as ‘The Hospitality’ is supposed to draw inspiration from this classic cocktail.

If you want to recreate this cocktail at home, Smeaton’s Gin will donate £5 to Hospitality Action for every bottle of gin sold through Smeaton’s Gin.  You can find details of Smeaton’s Gin bottles here.

3. Cook with Furloughed Foodies  

Furloughed foodies is a great initiative which was launched during the Covid – 19 Pandemic.  It was started by a small group of people who were furloughed during the pandemic and started by volunteering their services to cook meals for the NHS.  As things have improved and the number of cases have reduced, furloughed foodies have now turned their attention to cooking and providing meals for the homeless and vulnerable in need of food.  There are several ways to get involved and support this initiative.  The main way is by volunteering to cook meals or helping to drive meals to a food bank. Alternatively, you can also support by donating, fundraising, buying furloughed foodies merchandise or simply just sharing their page via social media.   You can find out more about furloughed foodies here.

4. Cook a meal of heritage with Community Comfort

Community Comfort is a e-cook book created by Riaz Phillips. The E-cookbook features recipes from 100 British cooks from migrant backgrounds, who have come together to help raise funds for bereaved healthcare colleagues and families of UK BAME Covid – 19 victims. So far I have cooked the Plantain and Kidney Bean Curry which I can highly recommend. I have actually posted this recipe on the recipe section of this website and I am looking forward to trying more of these tasty recipes in the future.

If you would like to support, donate and download the e-cookbook then please click here.

5. Cook for Charity

Cookbooks are definitely in at the moment. Cook for charity is another collaboration, which sees some of the countries favourite restaurants teaming together to create an e-cookbook. Chefs and restaurants have donated a recipe, which has been put together in one amazing cookbook for you to donate, download and cook. All proceeds go to raising funds for NHS charities. The cook book features recipes from some recognisable names such as Dishoom, Franco Manco and Meat Liqor to name a few. You can find out more here.



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