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5 Vegan Food & Drink Businesses to support during World Vegan Month

🎊Happy World Vegan Month 🎊

When it comes to celebrations, it’s probably one of the healthiest months of the year.

World Vegan Month as mentioned by the Vegan Society is a time ‘to recognise how far the vegan movement has come, reflect on our successes, and to highlight how accessible and beneficial a vegan lifestyle is.

I am not vegan myself, however in order to achieve a healthier diet, I do try to adapt my diet to vegan based meals and would say that at least 70% of my meals per week are plant based.

Therefore, to celebrate this month, I have put together below a list of 5 Vegan Food & Drink Businesses you can discover and support . As we head into the second week of our second national lockdown, supporting our food and drink businesses within the hospitality industry has never been of more importance.

1. Eat’s Healthy

Eat’s Healthy is a business which promotes healthy alternatives to cakes & desserts. Having treated myself and tasting one of their cakes (the mango flavour), I can definitely confirm they are great if you are looking for a tasty dessert alternative, to enjoy without any of the guilt. 

What I like about them as a company is that their message goes beyond just healthy eating, as they also post regularly regarding health, exercise, and wellbeing.

You can either order a dessert directly from their website or otherwise if you are feeling adventurous, they also have recipes so that you can attempt to make your own healthy desserts. I have seen a Tiramisu cheesecake which I want to make and I have no doubt that it will taste as delicious as it looks!

2. Beza

I am lucky to live close enough to this little gem called Beza, who have just recently celebrated their 1 year anniversary. Visiting there was my first experience of tasting Vegan Ethiopian Food. It has now become a favourite for my husband and I, when we do not feel like cooking but still want to eat a healthy meal. 

Located in Elephant & Castle if you live close by, I recommend a visit to eat in (after lockdown), or to take away as the service is always friendly. Otherwise you can also order for home delivery via Deliveroo.

3. The Sweet Potato Spirit Company

Sweet Potatoes are one of my favourite vegetables, therefore I am really excited to sample some of the spirits from the Sweet Potato Spirit Company.  All their spirits are made from sweet potatoes and are all vegan containing 100% natural ingredients.

If you are looking for something different to drink at home and to spice up your alcohol collection then this could be it. I have ordered a custom gift box of four small bottles (as I had trouble deciding on just one bottle to try), and I will do a further review once I have opened and sampled them all.


Caribbean Vegan Chef Ramoan also known as RG Vegan, creates plant-based meals inspired by foods and flavours of the Caribbean.  If you love Caribbean food or if you are vegan and would like to try another style of cuisine, then you will be in for a treat.

I have previously made one of his recipes before which is the Plantain and Kidney Bean Curry, (you will find this on my food recipe section).  Visiting his website, you will be able to buy at an affordable price e-cookbooks with access to many of his recipes.

5. Vegan Wine Box

With the rise of veganism over the last few years, there has also been a rise of beverage companies whose aim is to provide and source more of a choice of vegan beverages. Vegan Wine Box are a company that does this and their aim is to be the place to buy vegan wine in the UK.

No animal derived products are used in the selection of the wines they sell and sustainability is at the forefront of the selection of wines they provide.  I have not as yet sampled their wine list, however I have my eyes set on the Montecillo Rioja Crianza 2016 which I am looking forward to trying.



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