Charlene Gorry
Creator of
Long Live Hospitality

About Long Live Hospitality

Hello and welcome!! My name is Charlene Gorry, the face behind Long Live Hospitality.

I have been working within the hospitality industry for little over a decade now (wow…where did that decade go!!).

My current role within hospitality is in the luxury hotel industry where I specialise as a Food & Beverage Recruiter.  I have always had a keen interest in food and drink and during my spare time, I can be found reading about and discovering food and beverage topics. I also enjoy cooking and visiting different restaurants, bars and hotels to see both new trends and old favourites!!

Hospitality and in particularly Food & Beverage, have been severely affected since the occurrence of the Covid-19 pandemic. During this period of isolation, I have had a lot of time to think.  I have realised that Nostalgia is an immensely powerful emotion, as it has triggered in me a reawakening appreciation and love for hospitality. Being a Food and Beverage Recruiter, I wanted to show support and do something optimistic to highlight the Food and Beverage Industry.

……. And hence the creation and birth of Long Live Hospitality……

I hope that Long Live Hospitality will be a platform to positively promote people working within Food and Beverage. Through blogs interviews, stories and reviews, it will create an awareness of who we are, why we love what we do and what is happening within our industry.  It will help to share the stories behind people and businesses from all different backgrounds and showcase some of the great talent working within our industry.

What will you find here?

Long Live Hospitality is a creation of all my passions for interviewing, writing, cooking, creating beverages and photographing food and drink. Long Live Hospitality includes:

Interviews and reviews of people and businesses within food and beverage

Recommended Food and Drink Recipes from people within the industry

Features on current topics and events within the industry

A gallery of Food and Drink photography (Because I LOVE to take photos!!)