Interview with Tom Lord – Hospitality Gin

'Hospitality Gin is a London dry gin, it’s old school with big flavours' During my time working within the hospitality industry, I have met a lot of devoted and passionate people. However, I would have to say that industry veteran Tom might be one of the most actively committed people that I have met in… Continue reading Interview with Tom Lord – Hospitality Gin

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The Ginger Mojito Mocktail – By Diffords Guide

It was a DRY September for me where I spent a month without having any alcohol.💪🏽 Not that I was turning into an alcoholic, but like many, being at home during the lockdown came with a gradual increase of daily drinking for me. So I decided along with my husband to knock the drinking on… Continue reading The Ginger Mojito Mocktail – By Diffords Guide


Interview with Hebe Richardson – Drinks With Hebe

'It was a great feeling realising that I have a business and run my own company' From Rural Wales, to ambitions of an acting career, to running her own social media management company in London. Sometimes the best plans in life, are the ones that are unplanned. This definitely seems to be the case for… Continue reading Interview with Hebe Richardson – Drinks With Hebe


Interview with Jane Visram – Mama Dolce

'I really wanted our product to be indulgent, almost like a naught treat' An ice cream brand with a conscience is how I would describe Mama Dolce. Not only content with producing ice cream that is made from all-natural ingredients and is free from dairy and allergens, they are also a business whose values, aims… Continue reading Interview with Jane Visram – Mama Dolce


Interview with Culture Whisk

'There needs to be some responsibility from each one of us to preserve our culture' Italian and Egyptian; A rare partnership of cultures combined. This is how I would describe the talented, passionate, and hard-working duo team; Stefano de Costanzo and Sara Afifi. Stefano has worked his way up to an Executive Pastry Chef and… Continue reading Interview with Culture Whisk


Interview with Yatu’s Bakery

'I am definitely happiest when I am in the kitchen, as baking is all I really want to do' Sometimes it takes a little trial, error, and discovery until you find your true passions in life.  Nobody understands this better than Adiyatu, Creator of Yatu’s Bakery. In this week’s interview, she discusses which film &… Continue reading Interview with Yatu’s Bakery

food and drink recipes

Blueberry, Lemon and Lavender Galette – By Yatu’s Bakery

Yatu's Bakery has kindly shared a delicious recipe for you all to make. See below the recipe details for a yummy Blueberry, Lemon and Lavender Galette. Ingredients: Tart Dough 340g plain flour 120g cold diced butter120g caster sugar2 eggs1 egg yolk1/2 teaspoon lavender (ground to make powder)1 lemon zest Filling 300g blueberry (fresh)100g caster sugar1tsp… Continue reading Blueberry, Lemon and Lavender Galette – By Yatu’s Bakery


Interview with Daniele Panzanaro

‘If you cannot find inspiration then you are not looking properly.’ Daniele Panzanaro mentions this quote in this week’s interview. He is a mixologist by trade, however this is only one of his many talents.  Daniele discusses his passions for food and drink and his creation of a new website based around sustainability. What is… Continue reading Interview with Daniele Panzanaro

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Food & Drink Events in August

It has been nearly a month since 'Super Saturday' and the reopening of our beloved hospitality industry. Some have embraced the reopening, while others are still wary to go out. Which ever one you are, if you feel like exploring Food & Drink events from the comfort of your own home, below is a guide… Continue reading Food & Drink Events in August