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Eat, Drink, Cook or Donate for a good cause

There is not one person who has not been affected by the Covid - 19 Pandemic. However, as life slowly begins to return back to normal, there are some who still continue to suffer in silence. For the most vulnerable that need help the most, there are several different charities and causes that continue to… Continue reading Eat, Drink, Cook or Donate for a good cause


Interview with Eating with Precious

'When it comes to presenting food, I am really big on eating with my eyes.' 'There is no sincere Love than the Love of Food’ Nobody understands this quote more than Precious, creator of the successful food blog Eating with Precious. Her love of food is infectious!! Below Precious discusses what she has been doing… Continue reading Interview with Eating with Precious

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Plantain & Kidney Bean Curry – By RG Vegan

This recipe is from Caribbean Vegan Chef Ramoan aka RG Vegan. He is one of many chefs who have teamed up to help create an E-Cookbook called Community Comfort. Community Comfort features the comfort food recipes of over 100 British Chefs from migrant backgrounds. Community Comfort has been created to help raise funds for bereaved… Continue reading Plantain & Kidney Bean Curry – By RG Vegan


Interview with Saskia West – Many Macarons

'People have said to me I am brave to start a business during a pandemic' She’s only 23 and has just started her first food business during a global pandemic!!  It was inspiring talking with Saskia West, founder of Many Macarons. In this week’s interview she discusses how starting her own food business has helped… Continue reading Interview with Saskia West – Many Macarons


Interview with Sunny Hodge – Diogenes The Dog

'Here we focus on opening dialogues to conversations which is why I think we rock the wine world!!' They say if you want to get to know London, then you need to do it by foot. One of the good things that came out of my daily walks during lockdown was the discovery of Diogenes… Continue reading Interview with Sunny Hodge – Diogenes The Dog


Interview with Viktor Kery

'There are often so many stories and ideas behind food and drink and I like to hear stories about what inspires these ideas' Viktor Kery Being a Food & Hotel Photographer comes with the responsibility of being able to help companies promote, sell, and attract people to their products. Nobody understands this more than Viktor… Continue reading Interview with Viktor Kery

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Supporting Small & Local Businesses

Myself sampling wine from my local Wine Bar & Shop The Announcement last week that the hospitality industry can finally start to reopen on the 4th July was great news to everyone's ears.  However, the recent months of lockdown have severely affected the economy and have had a big financial impact especially on hospitality businesses.… Continue reading Supporting Small & Local Businesses


Interview with Jindarat (Fish) Srisuk

From Engineering to Marketing to finally becoming a Chef Who said you need to stick with one career for the rest of your life? It was an absolute pleasure speaking with Fish Srisuk (especially as I hired her), to discover how she has finally found her true calling and passion in life as a chef,… Continue reading Interview with Jindarat (Fish) Srisuk